Visit with Philippe and Mary Sue

June 16-17, 1989

We arrived in Longview, Texas from the east, and Charles and Wanda arrived from the west, so we had a family gathering with Philippe and Mary Sue at their house.

After that fine meal, about all we could do was lounge around in the chairs in the back yard.

Philippe shows us one of his evergreen seedlings. Above, Wanda and Brenda examine a small pecan tree. This was the beginning of their tree farm, which they would call Navetrees.

Below, Brenda examines some of the wildflowers in Philippe's field.

The size of the family gathering increased with the arrival of Suzanne and Dorothy. Around the table are Rod, Suzanne, Mary Sue, Philippe(in back), Dorothy, Wanda and Charles. The theme of this picture is "That box of donuts never had a chance!".

Rod, Philippe, Dorothy, Wanda

Since we don't get together very often, we just had to have a picture of the siblings. It was a blessing to get together.

Close-ups at home

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