Flight Over Denali

August 29, 1991

Having flown past the Denali peak, we see the rugged mountains to the south.

A look back over the huge Denali peak, with a little bit of the Muldrow Glacier morraine showing at the top of the picture.

The crevasses in the glacier to the south of the peak were very interesting.

This broader shot of the Denali peak includes Silverthrone behind it I think. It also shows more of the Alaska Range in the distance and how Denali and Silverthrone dwarf the rest of the mountains in the range.

This is a broad shot of the mountains on the south slope of Denali.

The south side of the mountain appeared to have deeper snow and more glaciers, but seemed like a jumble of peaks to me. This is partly from unfamiliarity I suppose, because the north side of the mountain seems like an old friend now. I have seen dozens of pictures of the north side from Denali Park.

To the Kahiltna Glacier

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