Brenda to Washington, D.C. for Nursing Meeting

November 9, 1995

Brenda was off to Washington, D.C. for a Nursing Organization Liason Forum of the American Nurses Association. Clayton and Ellen Teague were able to join her for dinner at her hotel.

This was one of the opportunities that she had as national president of the American Associatin for Continuity of Care.

While in Washington, she was also able to meet with Pat O'Hare of Georgetown University, one of her AACC Board Members.

Brenda made a presentation at the huge Medtrade meeting and show at the World Congress Center on November 14.

After her presentation, Brenda was featured in the Medtrade News publication. Kathy Buell, Ann Farmer and Judy Mask are colleagues in the Atlanta area.

Thanksgiving family gathering

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