Atoms and Radiation in Equilibrium

What is meant by "blackbody radiation"?

How did Rayleigh and Jeans come up with the number of modes which could exist in a cavity as a function of frequency?

What is meant by the "ultraviolet catastrophe"?

How did the Planck hypothesis avoid the ultraviolet catastrophe?

Laws, laws, laws! What are the Stefan-Boltzmann Law and Wien's Law good for?

What do you mean by "3K background radiation"? What is it that is at 3K? What do we learn from the 3K background?

Describe the critical features of the photoelectric effect experiment which made it so important in changing our understanding of physics.

What was the Franck-Hertz experiment and why did it merit a Nobel Prize?

How do you calculated the wavelengths for the transitions to the n=2 level of hydrogen? Why are the wavelengths for deuterium slightly different?

x-rays from an x-ray machine are described as either "brehmstrahlung" or "characteristic x-rays". How are they different in nature and origin?

What is Bragg scattering and what do we learn from it?

Homework set #3
* Blackbody radiation

* Cavity modes

*Rayleigh-Jeans law

*Planck's hypothesis

*Avoiding uv catastrophe

*Planck formula applications

*Stefan- Boltzmann law

*Wien displacement law

*Cosmic background radiation

*Photoelectric effect

*Franck-Hertz experiment

*Hydrogen spectrum


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