What is the difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity?

Compare the Galilean and Lorentz transformations.

Under what circumstances are time dilation and length contraction observed?

Describe the insights obtained from measuring the number of muons which strike the earth.

How do you calculate relativistic momentum and energy?

What is Compton scattering?

How are relativistic velocities combined?

Explain how the relativistic Doppler effect is used to calculate the red shift of spectral lines from stars.

Homework set #4

* Ideas of Special Relativity

* Ideas of General Relativity

* Galilean transformation

* Lorentz transformation

* Length contraction

* Time dilation

* Muon experiment

* Relativistic momentum

* Relativistic kinetic energy

* Usefulness of quantity pc

* Compton scattering

* Relativistic energy

* Einstein velocity addition

* Relativistic Doppler effect

* Pole-barn paradox

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