Beyond The Hydrogen Atom

Describe the Pauli exclusion principle and how it contributes to the understanding of the buildup of the periodic table.

In the Bohr model, energy depends upon the principal quantum number only. But in atoms above hydrogen, there is dependence upon the orbital quantum number l as well. How does this energy dependence arise?

Describe the consequences of the coupling of angular momenta. Describe the difference between LS and JJ coupling and the circumstances under which each is appropriate.

Describe the spin-spin, orbit-orbit, and spin-orbit interactions which are used to model the energy level structure of multi-electron atoms.

What are Hund's rules?

Describe the varieties of splitting from the Zeeman effect in many-electron atoms.

Homework set #9
* Pauli exclusion principle

* Buildup of the periodic table

* Quantum numbers from the hydrogen Schrodinger equation

* Helium electron energies

* Orbital dependence of electron energies

* Multi-electron energy levels

* Hund's rules

* L-S coupling

* j-j coupling

* Quantum angular momentum

* Electron magnetic moment

* Zeeman effect

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