Heat Questions

How is it that you can have both water and ice at 0 C and both water and steam at 100 C? A lot of energy goes into these phase transitions. Why doesn't it change the temperature?
If you have steel and wood at 0 C, which feels colder? If you have steel and wood at 100 C, which feels hotter?
Will hot water freeze into ice cubes faster than cold water in your freezer?
If you have a cup of coffee which is too hot to drink, should you add cream to it immediately to cool it or let it stay black and sit for a while before adding cream? The object is to get it cool enough to drink in the shortest possible time.
What is the difference between evaporation and boiling?
If you heat a uniform metal plate with a hole in it, will the hole get larger or smaller?
Heat flow is normally from a high temperature toward a low temperature region. How do you manage to cool your body on a July day when the temperature is 102 F (compared to 98.6 F normal body temperature)?
Everyone knows that heat flows from a hot area to a cold area. How then does your refrigerator get it to flow from the inside of its freezing compartment to the warm outside, "uphill" for heat?

Heat concepts
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