Christmas at Jeff and Darla's

After our Christmas morning celebration at the Moyle's, we went to Jeff and Darla's to let the girls open their gifts from Mark and Cindi, Sherry, and us.

Jordan and Ashleigh were delighted with the cowboy hats and boots that Mark and Cindi had gotten them. Jordan hardly took her boots off the next three days. Also from Mark and Cindi were a stuffed cow and horse with big exaggerated legs - Jeff is holding one of them. They stood on their own and were really cute. Ashleigh has on a hand puppet which was given by Sherry along with the stuffed animals shown at left. Jeff and Darla have on jacket and sweater from Mark and Cindi.

The cowgirls have corraled their stuffed animals, including the unique standing cow and horse from Mark and Cindi and their bears for which we had provided some western clothing to go along with this year's western theme.

The hand puppets from Aunt Sherry figured prominently in some of their cowgirl games.

Jordan came out of her bedroom the next morning in had and boots, riding on her cow. She still had her pajamas on. Ashleigh wanted to wear her cowboy hat even to the table for lunch.

Jordan kept exclaiming "I'm a cowgirl, so I ride a cow!" Sounded sort of logical, but sometimes the cow got squashed in the process.

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