Family Trip to Nashville

November 18-20, 2007

After the ICE exhibit on Monday, November 19, we went to dinner at the Cock of the Walk restaurant where they have this huge rocking chair.

We just had to try the rocker with various combinations of family members. It dwarfed us all.

Finally we got the whole family on board and asked one of the young ladies in the restaurant to take our picture.

After dinner, we dropped back by the Opryland Hotel to see the decorations at night, particularly the lighted fountain. I liked the stylized nativity figures around the fountain, with internal lighting.

On Tuesday, Nov 20, we had lunch at the Aquarium Restaurant at the Opry Mills Mall.

Our table at the restaurant was only a few feet away from the large aquarium that filled the center part of the restaurant. The children enjoyed watching the large fish at close range.
The juvenile French angelfish below was one of the bright tropicals in the smaller aquaria at the entrance. The girls got to see the underside of some of the stingrays in the aquarium. The big tank was not as colorful, but there were several large rays, a big jewfish and a number of other large fish.

We got to see a diver come down into the tank to feed the fish. She put her hand under the rays to reach their mouths, but just held the food in her hand in front of the jewfish, and it just opened its mouth rapidly to suck it in. This is what Mark had experienced with a grouper in the Caymans. She hugged a large green moray eel, which seemed quite friendly.

Back home for Thanksgiving

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