Christmas Morning with Jeff and Family

December 25, 2015

After spending the first part of the week at Abita Springs, we moved over to Judy's for Christmas eve. We joined Jeff and family about 8:30 on Christmas morning after they had had their early Christmas morning together. It was good to feel the joy in the house and good to see Ashleigh, Jordan and Elyse clowning around and enjoying each other's company. In this this high-tech age that included taking selfies of the three of them together.

They had shared their stockings and family gifts and were anxious for us to sit down so they could share gifts with us.

Ashleigh surprised us with a painting of one of our wedding photographs from our wedding in 1962.

Elyse gave us Grandma and Granddad cups.

At right, Jordan watches Elyse opening one of her gifts.

Ashleigh assembles her new easel and loses no time in loading it up with her paints and supplies.

Ashleigh poses with Granddad and Grandma with her painting of them as of 53 years ago. Jordan and Grandma shopped for her gift, and she picked out a Star Wars shirt.

Elyse celebrates a new doll in the family.

It was a very enjoyable time of gift giving with Jeff and Darla and the girls. After that relaxed time, we all traveled over to the Moyle home for the traditional Christmas brunch.

One of Jeff's gifts was a dress police uniform. His completion of the Police Academy has given him the opportunity for a deeper relationship with the police for whom he is Chaplain. He is riding with members of the Slidell Police Department on some Friday nights and has recently done two funerals for which the contact was through police officers in that department. In an era in which police are receiving much criticism, he can be a resource and an encouragement for positive actions by police officers in the community.

Christmas at the Moyles

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