Flowers in Orchid House at at Atlanta Botanical Garden

January 16, 2005

The main goal of our visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden was to see the orchids. But we were pleasantly surprised to find some other beautiful flowers in the orchid house, as well as an exhibit of some amazing bright-colored frogs.

Lee, Brenda and Shirley among the other beautiful flowers of the orchid garden.

I didn't write down the names of the flowers, but here is a selection of the other flowers that shared the warm, moist environment created for cultivation of the orchids. I understand that orange flowers are fairly rare, and these were certainly beautiful.

It's possible that these are actually orchids, but since they form in this brilliant cluster, I'm assuming that they are some other kind of flower.

Brenda in the background of these bushes of yellow-orange flowers. The grew like azaleas.

This was another plant that grew in a manner similar to azaleas.

This plant grew overhead as a vine.

These colorful flowers were 1-2 cm long, hanging about head high.

To my eye, the water droplets enhanced the beauty of this brilliant bloom.

There was a large variety of pitcher plants in the orchid house. I came to the supposition that pitcher plants must have a lot of similarities to orchids. At least there were some orchids that looked very much like pitcher plants. Or maybe they were pitcher plants that looked like orchids?

These two different red-flowering plants were overhead at one of the entrances.

Another pitcher plant growing amoung lush, feathery fern-like plants.

More orchids

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