Arrival of the Guest of Honor, Sue Woolf

April 25, 2015

Since morning on Saturday, we had had a growing number of the Georgia Tech BSU group. At about 3:30 David Woolf arrived with Sue and brought her to be greeted in the meeting room. CW from bottom left: (1) Aubrey Bush, David arriving with Sue Woolf. (2) David, Aubrey, Wendell Barfield, Sue, Ron Jones. (3) Sue, Ron Jones, John Baxley. (4)Art Sherwood, Sue being greeted by Bill Nowell, Henry Fields, David Woolf.

CW from bottom left: (1) Sue greeted by Charlie and Wynelle Middlebrooks. (2) Talking with Wynelle and Charlie. (3) Sue greets Alice Blake and Betty Fields. Art Sherwood, Henry Fields and Bill Nowell in background. (4) Sue talking with Susie and John Lowe.

CW from bottom left: (1) Sue having a conversation with Susie Lowe. (2) Wendall Barfield comes over and kneels at Sue's feet. Sue bursts out laughing as says "You've got to get a picture of this!" Andy and Susie are having a good time with it, but the love and respect for Sue is certainly genuine! (3) Wendall with Andy Blake, Sue, and Susie Lowe. (4) Bettie Barfield comes over to join the fun.

CW from bottom left: (1) The fellowship continues. Brenda Nave, Barbara Petty, Betty Fields, Nancy Bonds, Becky Rollins. (2) John Baxley, Laddie Rollins, John Lowe, Sam Shelton. (4) Sue joins in with Brenda Nave, Babs Gudger, Barbara Petty, Betty Fields and Nancy Bonds.

CW from bottom left: (1) Brenda Nave, Sue, Babs Gudger, Barbara Petty. (2) Brenda, Sue, Barbara Petty, Babs Gudger, Betty Fields, Nancy Bonds, Becky Rollins, Nancy Baxley. (3) Checking out photos. Brenda, Sue, Barbara Petty, Babs Gudger, Betty Fields, Nancy Bonds. (4)Babs, Nancy, Brenda, Sue, Becky.

CW from bottom left: (1) Betty Fields, David Woolf, Fred Ivester. (2) Sam Shelton and Laddie Rollins. (3) Relaxing before dinner. Nancy Bonds, Sam Shelton, Wendell Barfield, Henry Fields, Fred Ivester, Linda Jones, Bettie Barfield, Alice Blake, Sue Woolf. (4) Laddie Rollins, Nancy Baxley, Becky Rollins, Ellen Teague, Clayton Teague, John Lowe, Norman Petty, Susie Lowe.

CW from bottom left: (1) The fellowship carries on up until time for dinner. Art Sherwood, David Woolf, Ron Jones, Bill Nowell, Frank Gudger, John Baxley. (2)Roughly clockwise from left Carol Bush, Wendell Barfield, Sam Shelton at table, Henry Fields, Fred Ivester, Barbara Petty and Nancy Bonds in back right, Linda Jones, Wynelle Middlebrooks, Alice Blake. (3) L-R Barbara Petty, Laddie Rollins, Nancy Baxley, Charlie Middlebrooks, two facing away, Clayton Teague, Fred Ivester, back of Henry's head, Wendell Barfield. In distance right Wynelle Middlebrooks.

Gathering a group around Sue before we go down to the restaurant for dinner. Norman and Barbara Petty, Clayton Teague, Laddie Rollins, John and Nancy Baxley, Sue Woolf, David Woolf, Ellen Teague, Brenda Nave, Mary and Jim Tanner.

Another grouping. Norman Petty, Clayton Teague, Becky Rollins, Ellen Teague, Laddie Rollins, John and Nancy Baxley, Sue Woolf, David Woolf, Brenda and Rod Nave.

We had a very nice dinner and fellowship at the restaurant, but I gave them a rest from the camera. We were very grateful to David for bringing Sue up for the occasion and then home that evening.

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