Georgia Tech BSU Alumni Gathering

April 25, 2015

We gathered at the Lake Chatuge Lodge once again for the 40th year that the Georgia Tech BSU alumni had been getting together.

The setting on Lake Chatuge was very beautiful, particularly with the new leaves of spring on the trees. This backlit setting was actually on April 26 at about 7:30 am.

The forecast was for rain today, and the view above at about 8am was very cloudy over the lake. But by about 9:20 the clouds were rising as shown in the telephoto shot of the far lake shore at right.

We had gathered here in 2014 and before that for Warren's 90th birthday celebration in 2011. We had previous reunions here in 2010, 2007, 2005, and 2000. During 2013 we had gathered for Warren's Memorial Service and for Sue's 90th Birthday as well as a spring gathering at the Gudger's.

Atlanta area gatherings have been held in 2014 at the Petty's, in 2013 at Athens Pizza, in 2012 at the Hammonds' and at Nancy Bonds', 2011 at Mary Mac's, 2009 at Nancy Bonds' and at the Rollins', 1981 at the Shelton's

We had breakfast at the Lake Chatuge Lodge and by about 10am were gathering up in the third floor assembly room. We gathered in groups around the room for conversations. Clockwise from lower left in the above composite. (1) Wynelle Middlebrooks, Alice and Andy Blake, Elaine and Dick Whisnant. (2) Billy Nowell, John Baxley, John Lowe with Susie Lowe and Linda Jones in background. (3) Walt McKinney, Henry Fields, Jim Tanner, Charlie Middlebrooks, Frank Gudger, Billy Nowell. (4) Betty Fields, Alice and Andy Blake, Elaine Whisnant, Mary Tanner, Dick Whisnant.

Continuing the fellowship in the meeting room. Clockwise from lower left: (1)Frank Gudger, Charlie Middlebrooks and Clayton Teague on left, then the circle with John Baxley, Susie and John Lowe, Nancy Baxley, Henry Fields and Billy Nowell. (2) The same circle in background with foreground group Betty Fields, Alice Blake, Elaine Whisnant, Mary Tanner, and Dick Whisnant. (3) In the kitchen area Wynelle Middlebrooks, Brenda Nave and Ellen Teague.

About noon, Rod, Ron Jones and Clayton Teague headed out for a walk through the rhododendron garden while the ladies went shopping. Our standard line for the walk was "Wow, this sure beats shopping!"

It was early in the rhododendron season, so some of them were not fully bloomed. The beauty of those that were in full bloom was enhanced by the water droplets from the earlier rain.

I remembered the dramatic orange azaleas from last year.

I loved the violet and rose colored rhododendrons, and these white azaleas served as a nice accent.

What a dramatic cherry tree! Especially when backed up by the colorful azaleas.

This is my favorite viewpoint along the trail through the garden.

We took the trail down close to the lake and there were lots of these nodding triliums along the trail. Ron shows the position you need to get in to photograph them.

Rich color in the rhododendrons close to the lake.

Some of the rhododendrons down by the lake had cluster blooms, and others had more open blooms like azaleas.

The rhododendrons were not yet in full bloom, but we had some blooms along with the remaining azaleas, so it was a very pleasant walk through the garden.

More rich color by the lakeside.
While we were enjoying our walk, there were lots of folks fishing and powerboating on the lake.

There were many of the nodding triliums by the lakeside with a range of color from deep rose to nearly white. There we also saw our old friend the wild geranium that we see often around Bent Tree.

It was surprising to see so many of the nodding triliums when they are so rare around Bent Tree. I suspect they may have propagated them.

The pastel greens of the new leaves accented the rich colors of the rhododendrons.

Around 2pm more people started arriving for afternoon fellowship before the planned dinner. CW from bottom left: (1) Charlie Middlebrooks, Laddie Rollins, Babs Gudger, Becky Rollins. (2) Barbara Petty, Art Sherwood, Clayton Teague. (3) Art Sherwood, Wendell Barfield, Frank Gudger, Bettie Barfield. (4) Becky Rollins, Carol Bush.

Gathering in pairs and groups, we had a great time catching up on everyone. CW from bottom left: (1) Clayton Teague and Norman Petty. (2) John Lowe and Laddie Rollins. (3) Aubrey Bush and Charlie Middlebrooks. (4) Dick Whisnant, Andy Blake, Wynelle Middlebrooks, Bettie Barfield, Wendall Barfield with Aubrey and Charlie behind him, Carol Bush, Becky Rollins, Alice Blake, Jim Tanner.

At this stage we were mostly clumped into two large groups. Kitchen group: Clayton Teague, Laddie Rollins, Art Sherwood, Billy Nowell, John Lowe, Jim Tanner, Nancy Bonds, Norman Petty. Fireplace group clockwise: Alice Blake, Barbara Petty, John Baxley, Bill Nowell, Jim Tanner, Art Sherwood, Dick Whisnant, Andy Blake, Wynelle Middlebrooks, Babs Gudger, Bettie Barfield, Wendell Barfield, Carol Bush.

CW from bottom left: (1)CW from left Alice Blake, Clayton Teague, Bill Nowell, Art Sherwood, Jim Tanner, Dick Whisnant, Andy Blake, Carol Bush. (2) Foreground Barbara Petty, Nancy Bonds, Becky Rollins, background Dick Whisnant and Andy Blake. (3) L-R Ron Jones, John Baxley, Sam Shelton, Laddie Rollins, John Lowe, Norman Petty. (4) Aubrey Bush, Ron Jones, Norman Petty, Sam Shelton, John Lowe.

Greeting Sue Woolf

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