Bent Tree Activities

December, 1977

Rod, Brenda and the boys went back to Bent Tree on December 26 to work on the stair some more and the kitchen cabinets. The drawer shop is on the top floor, and Jeff is helping to put drawer runners on some of the custom-made drawers.

Brenda and Jeff at the ice falls which form up the cut from the steep hill on Chestnut Cove Trail. This was perhaps the time when we discovered the ice falls. They are about a hundred yards up from the road. December 29.

Mark and Jeff get an opportunity to play with some really large icicles.

On December 30, Rod has constructed the base platform for the stair from the main floor to the top floor.

He and Len had assembled the stair itself on the previous trip.

I had used a ladder to put Brenda and Jeff onto the top floor so they could operate the come-along to help me lift the assembled staircase into place. Jeff seemed to get a big kick out of this adventure.

With Brenda and Jeff above, the stair was lifted into place and Rod got on a stepladder to bolt it into place. Mark at 7 was the photographer for this part.

I used a jackpost to stablize the structure and position it for final bolting so I could get Brenda and Jeff down from the top floor.

Bent Tree in winter 1978

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