Visit to Vicksburg

June 14-15, 1989

We stopped off in Vicksburg, Mississippi on our way to visit Philippe and Mary Sue in Longview, Texas.

Brenda stands at the rail of the Showboat, on which we took a tour of the Mississippi River at Vicksburg.

I love watching tugboats, and we were fascinated with the big ones operating in the vicinity of the Mississippi River Bridge.

We sat for a long while watching the barges pass under the Mississippi River Bridge as we had our morning coffee. We were traveling in Mama's 1986 VW camper which is shown here. We later bought it from her.

This set of barges seems to be loaded with coal. Some were loaded with railcars, and there were all kinds of heavy-looking loads.

This is not something we get to see very often, so it was quite fascinating.

This small turnout right next to the Mississippi River Bridge served us very well for our reverie of boat watching.

We really enjoyed our early morning view of the Mississippi River.

Looking downriver, you could often see several tugs coming with their raft of barges.

A never-ending string of barges.

We've had our morning coffee in some interesting places, like Grand Canyon and Painted Desert.

The early morning has long been our favorite time on trips, and this early morning will hold in our memories the Mississippi River at Vicksburg.

On to Philippe and Mary Sue's

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