Rutherford Scattering

What does classical physics say about the limits on scattering angle when the projectile is more massive than the target?

Compare the mass of an alpha particle to the electrons it was presumed to scatter from.

Describe the Geiger-Marsden experiment.

Describe the details of the Rutherford scattering formula.

How is "cross section" defined and measured?

How was the departure of alpha scattering from the Rutherford formula interpreted?

What is the evidence for structure of the proton?

Is there any evidence for structure of the quarks?

Homework set #6
* Elastic collisions

* The alpha particle

* Rutherford scattering experiment

* Geiger-Marsden data

* Rutherford scattering formula

* Calculation of closest approach

* Calculation of cross section

* Scattering summary

* Departure from Rutherford formula

* Structure of the proton

* Structure of quarks?

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