The Hydrogen Atom

Show how to set up the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen atom.

Describe the separation of variables neccessary for solving the hydrogen Schrodinger equation.

What quantum numbers arise from the solution of the hydrogen Schrodinger equation?

What can you learn from the hydrogen ground state wavefunction?

What is the most probable radius for the hydrogen electron?

What is the probability that the hydrogen electron will be found between zero and 2 Bohr radii?

What is the expectation value of the hydrogen electron?

How is the angular momentum related to the quantum numbers?

What is the relation of the angular momentum to the magnetic moment of the electron?

Describe the Zeeman effect.

What is the origin of the hydrogen fine structure? What information does it give us about electron spin?

Describe the selection rules which limit electronic transitions in the hydrogen atom.

Homework set #8
* The hydrogen atom.

* Hydrogen Schrodinger equation

* Separation of variables in the hydrogen equation

* Quantum numbers from the hydrogen Schrodinger equation

* Hydrogen ground state wavefunction

* Most probable radius, hydrogen electron

* Probability for a given radial range

* Expectation value of radius

* Quantum angular momentum

* Electron magnetic moment

* Zeeman effect

* Hydrogen fine structure

* Electron spin

* Selection rules

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