Christmas Day at the Moyles

December 25, 2015

After Christmas morning with Jeff and family, we traveled over to the Moyle home for our traditional brunch and family gathering for Christmas day. We are appreciative that they have welcomed us as part of this Christmas gathering, as they have done in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1999. As the families with the children started arriving, a new and welcome guest arrived, to the delight of the children.

Robbie and family arrived and brought their puppy, which was a big hit with all the young ones.

Ashleigh, Bethany and Jordan sharing things on their phones. The phones are so good now for taking and sharing pictures, web sharing and general communication that they affect the Christmas celebration much more than in the past.

Even the youngest, Josiah, is quite familiar with the technology and watches something on Robbie's phone.

Below, Caleb, Josiah and Bethany do gather around a smart phone, but they also enthusiastically rip the paper off some real wrapped presents.

It was hard to get a wide enough shot to get everybody in, but in this composite are Leslie, Jeff Nave, Darla, Caleb, Josiah, Bethany, Jordan , Judy and Ashleigh.

The gift exchange time was a time of great fun for everyone. Caleb, Josiah, Bethany, Jordan, Judy, Ashleigh.

This is where the children bless us. It is always fun to watch the excitement of the youngest ones. Here Caleb and Josiah are excited about the "Hungry Hippo" game, which they played a lot the rest of the day.

Jeff and Leslie Moyle, Jeff and Darla Nave position themselves to watch all the gift action around the tree and fireplace.

This was about as wide a shot as I could get. It captured Lindsey, Leslie, Jeff Nave and Jeff Moyle, Jonathan, Darla,Caleb, Josiah, Jordan, Bethany and Judy.

Caleb, Josiah, Bethany, Jordan, Elyse and Judy enjoying the gift exchange.

Tom, Jeff and Rod worked on assembling the three-wheel bicycle which was the chilren's gift to Judy.

We had a wonderful family dinner, and it was great to see all the grandchildren playing together all over the house. We did manage to corral them for a picture of all the grandchildren.

The Grandchildren: Back:Bethany Moyle, Jordan Nave, Lindsey Moyle. Front: Josiah Wells, Jonathan Ringo, Caleb Wells, Ashleigh Nave, Elyse Nave. Jessica Ringo was off in Dallas, Texas as a part of the athletic trainer crew accompanying the Southern Miss football team at a bowl game.

We invited a crazy shot, which turned into an avalanche into the living room floor.

Since we had all the young ones localized, we proceeded with the giving of the stockings, a long-term tradition of the Moyle family.

Judy tries out the three-wheeled bike we had assembled for her in the afternoon.

Since we had all the young ones localized, we proceeded with the giving of the stockings, a long-term tradition of the Moyle family.

Another long-standing Moyle tradition is family games in the evening of Christmas. They had gotten a gift of a game "Wits and Wagers", and they are having a go at it.

Later a game of dominoes broke out.

We again enjoyed the day of being included in the Moyle family Christmas. One of the greatest sources of joy in the process is seeing how well this group of young cousins get along and enjoy each others company.

Snow on January 23

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