Physics 1112K : Electricity and Magnetism, Light and Modern Physics

List of Topics

15 Electric Charge, Forces and Fields Electric charge Electrostatic charging Electric force Electric field Conductors and electric fields Gauss's law for electric fields 16 Electric Potential, Energy and Capacitance Electric potential energy and potential difference Equipotential surfaces and the electric field Capacitance Dielectrics Capacitors in series and parallel 17 Electric Current and Resistance Batteries and direct current Current and drift velocity Resistance and Ohm's law Electric power 18 Basic Electric Circuits Resistances in series, parallel, and series-parallel combinations Multiloop circuits and Kirchhoff's rules RC circuits Ammeters and voltmeters Household circuits and electrical safety 19 Magnetism Magnets, magnetic poles and magnetic field detection Magnetic field strength and magnetic force Electromagnetism - the sources of magnetic fields Magnetic materials Magnetic forces on current-carrying wires Applications of electromagnetism The Earth's magnetic field 20 Electromagnetic Induction Induced emfs: Faraday's law and Lenz's law Generators and back emf Transformers and power transmission Electromagnetic waves 21 AC Circuits Resistance in an AC circuit Capacitive reactance Inductive reactance Impedance: RLC circuits Circuit resonance 22 Geometrical Optics: Reflection and Refraction of Light Wave fronts and rays Reflection Refraction Total internal reflection and fiber optics Dispersion 23 Mirrors and Lenses Plane mirrors Spherical mirrors Lenses Lens aberrations The lens maker's equation 24 Physical Optics: The Wave Nature of Light Young's double slit experiment Thin-film interference Diffraction Polarization Atmospheric scattering of light 25 Optical Instruments The human eye Microscopes Telescopes Diffraction and resolution Color 27 Quantum Physics Quantization: Planck's hypothesis Quanta of light: photons and the photoelectric effect Quantum "particles": the Compton effect The Bohr theory of the hydrogen atom A quantum success: the laser 28 Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics Matter waves: the de Broglie hypothesis The Schrodinger wave equation Atomic quantum numbers and the periodic table The Heisenberg uncertainty principle Particles and antiparticles 29 The Nucleus Nuclear structure and the nuclear force Radioactivity Decay rate and half-life Nuclear stability and binding energy Radiation detection and applications 30 Nuclear Reactions and Elementary Particles Nuclear reactions Nuclear fission Nuclear fusion Beta decay and the neutrino Fundamental forces and exchange particles Elementary particles The quark model Force unification theories and the early universe

Part IV. Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Electric Fields
  2. Gauss's Law
  3. Electric Potential
  4. Capacitance and Dielectrics
  5. Current and Resistance
  6. Direct Current Circuits
  7. Magnetic Fields
  8. Sources of Magnetic Field
  9. Faraday's Law
  10. Inductance
  11. Alternating Current Circuits
  12. Electromagnetic Waves
  13. Part V. Light and Optics
  14. The Nature of Light and Geometric Optics
  15. Geometric Optics
  16. Interference of Light Waves
  17. Diffraction and Polarization
  18. Part VI: Modern Physics
  19. Relativity
  20. Introduction to Quantum Physics
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